Our Mission

To serve a worldwide customer base with high quality workmanship while maintaining integrity & commitment in our work and ethics. To stay current with the newest innovations of our industry, with consideration for the environment.

What We Do

Our experienced and professional teams deliver a comprehensive range of high-touch services and solutions to clients all across Singapore and Internationally. We'll be sure to help you with every step you take.

Why Choose Us

Our dedicated and experienced teams are greatly enhanced to offer services that few in the industry can match. We are always evaluating new methods, materials and techniques that embraces change, and best works for you.

Our Story

- SINCE 1997 -

PNH has been performing in the US Naval Base in Sembawang, Singapore for the past 19 years. We have a great understanding of their expectations, the rules and regulations such as safety and environmental requirements. We started of providing Ground, Pest Control, Janitorial service and Waste Management and over the years, we branched out to Facilities Maintenance (Housing, Unaccompanied Housing and Industrial), Design & Build Services and Environmental Services.

Overall the years of services, PNH has been good well for both the Prime contractors and also the US Navy, please see attached for a letter from one of the PWO. During these period of services, not only did PNH helped the Prime to achieve Exceptional rating but also help to grow the business for the Prime and on top of that, all the above was done with no loss time injuries and the Prime DS2 was given the Navy Safety Star Award.

Our Services

"Whether you're a homeowner, landscaper or contractor,
invite you to experience the level of commitment we have to our customers and the services we provide"


Our expertise in buildings, mechanical and electrical, allow us to consult and provide better solutions that cater to your project.


We provide efficient architectural and interior designs that are executed seamlessly to minimize your on-site labour and project costs.


From project accounting and overseeing the team, to maintaining schedules and vendors bidding. We’ll manage your project effectively.


We’ll get involved early in the design phase of your project, and plan with you. Ensuring we manage your project carefully and efficiently.


We understand that no project is complete after the construction phase. We offer the additional help to support your needs.


Our knowledge and experience in construction and its regulations, help us adhere to safety guidelines, and deal with various challenges.

We Are Building Your World


We Have What You Need

"Whether you're a homeowner, landscaper or contractor,
we invite you to experience the level of commitment we have to our customers and the services we provide"